Take Flight Hoops
Take Flight Hoops
Take Flight Hoops

Take Flight Hoops

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Main character energy only. Manifest the vulnerability required to chase your wildest dreams in these large hoops.

Diameter: 30mm

Materials: 18K gold filled




“I feel heavy”,

I tell the wise one.

“What are you carrying?”

They ask gently, knowing.


I think of the doors,

In my mind, in my heart, in my soul,

That I dare not open.

Behind them dreams I hesitate to pursue,

Lest I fail.

For in dream form, there is still hope to cling to.


Amongst the dreams are also shadows;

The darkest parts of my soul.

Memories, pain, loss,

I’ve locked them away.

I do not wish to look at these parts of myself.


“Set them free,” the wise one beckons.

“How?” I ask.

“Share them,” they reply.


“What if I don’t want to feel it?” I whisper.

“You already do.” They reply.


“What if they won’t love me?” I question.

“They already do,” the wise one conveys.


“Be brave, have courage.”


And so, one by one,

I pry open the doors of my soul.

Light floods every corner,

Releasing the chains,

That have kept me from flying.


-Sara Palamarek