About Us

My name is Sara and I am the woman behind Evelyn & Esme. I live in Edmonton, Alberta with my husband, three children and two adorable miniature schnauzers. I love being outside, creating, and the collective effervescence I find with friends and family. Evelyn & Esme were my grandmothers’ names. They were incredible women.

Using ethically sourced, quality materials to make our jewelry is very important to me. My gold-filled and silver beads are made in the USA and Italy, respectively. The stretch cord I use is made in the USA and is latex free. I also love upcycling vintage materials. 

I was inspired to start creating jewelry after my paternal grandmother, Evelyn, passed away. She loved jewelry. I was playing with some crystal beads left over from a broken necklace she loved, with the desire to incorporate them into something contemporary. Something I would enjoy wearing every day. The Evelyn Bracelet was born.

Evelyn in the Bahamas, circa 1968.

Evelyn had impeccable fashion sense. She wore heels into her 90s and loved to dance. Without fail she always called you to celebrate birthdays and other important milestones. She was funny, honest, unapologetic, and incredibly beautiful. I wanted her collection to channel all of that.

Esme (right) with her friend Jo at Gull Lake, AB.

The Esme Collection is inspired by my maternal grandmother’s adventurous spirit. Esme emigrated to Canada from England in 1955 with three close girlfriends. They were all registered nurses looking for adventure as “postwar Britain was a rather dull place for a young adult.” She loved the sea and the outdoors. She made the best cookies and gave the best hugs. Her collection celebrates being free-spirited and our human connection to nature and each other.