Stellar Snake Chain
Stellar Snake Chain
Stellar Snake Chain

Stellar Snake Chain

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Know that, as you ebb and flow like the moon, you are always complete. This statement necklace is stunning as a stand alone piece and also perfect for layering.

Materials: 18K gold filled metal

Length: 18 inches

Width: 8mm


I am the moon

There are moments

When I am effervescent,

So bright I illuminate

Everything around me.


Tides rise up to greet me,

Captive to my gravity,

The clock to which nature

Sets its rhythm.


And yet there are moments,

When I am quiet.

I disappear into the night sky,

Finding joy as the observer.

Alone, I sit in awe among the stars,

Transfixed by their joyful dance.


I am many things.

Always complete. Always flowing.

I am the moon.


-Sara Palamarek